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A longfic begun, a crosspost made...

Wires and Stars: Initiation, by amberite & titianArchivist.

First chapter of the Sollux/Psiioniic fic we've been working on. (Additionally Sollux/Aradia pale - which is the most major pairing in this chapter, and there will be some Sollux/Karkat, and more pairings added as they appear. The central pairing isn't quite even a pairing yet; but since it's the central pairing I figured it deserved to be tagged for clarity.)

The first time, you just dream of strange stars. Stars rise at the top of your vision and arc lazily down to the bottom, constellation after constellation, galaxy after galaxy, and you wake with an effortless sense of great distance and deep calm that stays with you half the night.

Perigees pass before you’re willing to question it, to investigate what the hell that was all about, and by that time, things have gotten
entirely out of hand.

You’re well aware that you’re half crazy. Maybe it’s just your mutant thinkpan acting up. The alternative... you don’t want to think about the alternative.

WARNINGS: So far? Body horror. A bit of ableist language surrounding mental illness, because Karkat takes potshots at Sollux and Sollux takes potshots at himself. Oh, and extremely surreal and disorienting experiences. Other notes at AO3. There will be smut later, don't you worry about it.


Two liithp or not two liithp

Becauthe it ith an important quethtion... And I'm editing the first chapter of a longfic right now for posting in the near future, and trying to decide which way to go.

As a writer I typically think of dialect as "a little goes a long way" and I used to think writing it out was obnoxious, but by now other people's Homestuck fic has gotten into my head on a Pavlovian level and now I react to lisping as stupidly adorable/sexy, so I'm completely torn about this.

Please respond! And send your friends here! I'd like to get this show on the road as non-obnoxiously as possible!

Poll #1888297 Adorable Lii2piing A22hole2?

What do you prefer in Sollux fanfic?

I STRONGLY prefer when the author does not write out the lisp, or only uses it for emphasis.
I slightly prefer when the author does not write out the lisp, or only uses it for emphasis.
I'm OK with either way (or have another preference entirely)
I slightly prefer when the author writes out the lisp consistently.
I STRONGLY prefer when the author writes out the lisp consistently.

Any additional comments?

ETA: Looks like even with a limited number of respondents I have enough replies to catch a clear trend, which is that most people prefer it not written out or written out only occasionally, and more importantly that preference is stronger than the preference the other way. So we're gonna stick with minimal lispage in the fic. Thanks, folks! :-) (You're more than welcome to go on replying to the poll if you want, if you'd like to have a larger sample going for the record.)

Fic: Knightmare

Fandom: Homestuck
Title: Knightmare
Author/Artist:  thenakedcat
Pairing(s): None. Characters appearing are Dave, Rose, and Terezi.
Rating: G, nothing sketchy here.

Fic inspired by Dave's dialog in the Act 6 Intermission 3 flashes. R

ose is concerned for her brother and decides to address this through 5th grade art projects. Terezi just wants to lick the glitter.

Notes/disclaimer, etc: A brief explanation of the structure and function of dreamcatchers, as well as their problematic history of appropriation by New Age subculture.
My first Homestuck fanfic, so I'm still working on getting the character voices down.


Homestuck Christmas Icon Post~


You can find the rest here~

Credit for the art goes to this wonderful artist here on Tumblr~

45 Icons

[1 - 57] Mass Effect
[58 - 102] Homestuck



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