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Years in the future

... but not many

MSPA Fanfic
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Welcome to homestuck! Fanworks welcome here, including icons and fanfiction! Fanart is welcome as well, but may be more suitable for whatpumpkin. Don't forget to stop by the MSPA Forums from time to time since they've got a lot of great fan content over there as well! And if you've got any questions, check the Homestuck Wiki first!

1. Please use an LJ cut for anything longer than 250 words, or any large pictures/picspams!
2. If whatever you're posting is of an adult nature, please mark it as such. If there's a possibility your image could upset some people, put a warning at the start of the post, outside of an LJ cut.
3. Try to keep discussion focused on Homestuck. Andrew Hussie's other projects (Problem Sleuth, Dr Brinner Ghost Psychiatrist, anything on the MSPaintAdventures domain, etc) are obviously allowed, but try not to go too far off-topic. And try to avoid pointless posts, like how you had a Homestuck dream last night, or that you're brand new to the community.
4. Don't be a jerk. You'll get two warnings, and after that, you'll get a banning. We don't all need to be best hatefriends, just polite. Also, keep any MSPA forum drama out of here. We don't need it in two places.
5. NEW RULE - Don't link to locked content on your journal. If you're promoting something, it should be open for everyone to see.

Moderating is off and will hopefully stay off so long as there isn't any spam.